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17 jan 2023
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Digital skills bring children one step closer to a brighter future

Aside from providing fundamental needs such as food and clothing, especially during winter, our colleagues are trying to educate children in a field with a positive potential impact on their future. Career consulting and associated computer skills might help with searching for future employment.

Children waiting in front of the community centre

Career counselling prepares children for work life

Community centres organised by People in Need in Slovakia provide various services, career consulting being one of them. As a part of this practice, funded by Norwegian funds and partially from the Slovak State budget, students can set their occupational goals, discover their potential and learn how to write a CV.

Before computers are on, youngsters play together with the equipment of the community centre.

They have never held a computer mouse, so how will they write a CV?

Dominika Polačeková, the lector of DIGI skills, is there to help with that. The teaching of digital skills is part of career counselling. Thanks to Dominika, children learn about computer hardware and its essential functions. Similarly, they learn how to work with programs which are inevitable for people to know in today’s world. Programs such as Microsoft Word, Exel and PowerPoint.

Dominika explains the workings of charts in Microsoft Exel.

What about curriculum?

As mentioned above, the main goal is digital skills, which are part of everyday life. 

High school students work in the Word program, where they learn how to write a CV in a given format. So they can start their career. But in the beginning, children learn through games. A game named KidsType is the first step. Thru this game, kids learn how to use the whole keyboard and then continue with more complex tasks.

A boy reading a book in a community centre

Kids enjoy working with computers.

Dominika regularly meets talented students who are fast learners and know how to think critically. She especially acknowledges Roškovce, where students are doing very well in Microsoft Word and Exel. What we think is great. In Kojatice, she works with a class of football fans, with whom she builds football excel sheets. Building resumes of their favourite football stars awaits them, and they are very excited about it.

With humour and fun a step closer to mutual respect

Dominika’s enthusiasm for education is visible thru many factors. Her work is not monotonic at all. Right the opposite, she teaches in a very dynamic and creative way. She works in all of our community centres in eastern Slovakia: Roškovce, Sveržov, Petrovany and Kojatice. Her strength is her sense of humour and the ability to understand her students. She knows how to communicate to create mutual respect without negative emotions. They have a lot of fun in her classes.  She often says that it is beautiful to see the laughter despite the conditions in which they live. 

Na hodinách DIGI zručností nikdy nechýba zábava

Project LDI03023 „Development of career counseling skills for social inclusion“ is supported by Norwegian funds and co-financed from the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

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